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About Technical Asia

Technical Asia Pte Ltd, was formed to achieve the fulfillment of the professional careers of each and every member of the organization, encouraging personal growth and enabling them to pursue happiness supported by a simple and practical management system.


Our primary mission is to provide the latest engineering solutions for process refrigeration, gas compression, system integration and other related applications while assuring complete satisfaction for our customers, partners and contractors.


Commitment, dedication and highly ethical standards are the basis of operation of our company; quality is the top priority and it is never compromised.


Our engineered solutions provide the complete spectrum of services, starting from conceptualization, engineering feasibility to construction and field commissioning.


Our supporting offices are situated in USA, Colombia, Indonesia, Korea and Singapore, and associated companies in key locations worldwide are staffed with experienced service oriented engineers and technicians to support our equipment and to provide greatest satisfaction for the customers.


Corporate Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Singapore

Registration No. 200612122M


TOTAL AREA: 33,552 Ft2


OFFICE AREA: 3,875 Ft2


SHOP AREA: 21,527 Ft2


CRANES: Four system with capacities of 6.5 / 10 / 16.5 / 20 TONES



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