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Since our inception we have developed a quality plan beginning with the PLEDGE OF INTEGRITY by each employee, where all and every person will voluntarily abide to the Singapore pledge and company regulations. Harmony, team work and efficient use of time, dedication and commitment are the basis of our quality control process and system enforcement.


Quality control is not only the responsibility of the QA/QC manger, but a global commitment by all members of Technical Asia Pte ltd. The organization encourages the continuous review of our QA/QC process systems to create a platform for a dynamic exchange of ideas with positive and effective results, while ensuring the processes also remain appropriate to the purpose, scale, nature and has an impact to the company operational activities and services.


The implementation and maintenance of our Quality Management System will and must satisfies all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, and any relevant legal, corporate, customer or other obligation to which Technical Asia Pte Ltd subscribes.


We pride in delivering the best compressor system fully designed and assembled in Singapore.


The established Quality Objectives is discussed and communicated through the company including all and everybody regardless their position, thus assuring total commitment to achieve the quality objectives set for.


Periodic audits, both internal and external, are conducted to review the changes in applicable legislation or customer requirements to assure proper documentation and record keeping of the improvements and changes in the quality manual.





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